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Relax Lactulose has a global distribution network and can provide lactulose to your specific concentration and packaging needs. Our lactulose is exclusively produced by Lacsa Pty., Ltd, located in Durban, South Africa.

Lactulose is a synthetic non-calorific disaccharide which is used as a laxative and in the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy.

Our product is manufactured by the isomerisation of lactose utilising no solvents other than water. The Product meets, or exceeds, the specifications for the USP, BP and EP. Drug Master Files are registered in all across the Globe.

The modern production facility Lacsa Pty Ltd, has been inspected by both the FDA and MHRA. Our distribution network is controlled from our offices in Malta, and we maintain stocks at our warehouse in Holland for distribution throughout Europe. We also ship directly from the production site in Durban to the destination of your choice.

Our Lactulose is transported to a GMP approved manufacturing site who under their licence provide bottled product that can be shipped directly to customers in Europe and non-European countries on request.

Should you require Lactulose of a specific concentration, Relax will manufacture specifically to your requirements; please contact us.

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Lactulose 3.3g / 5ml Oral Solution

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